Xdefiant Hipfire Kills
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Best ways to get Hipfire kills in XDefiant

Firing from the hip.

Getting hipfire kills in XDefiant is going to take some skill and some very up close and personal gunplay. Hipfire is notoriously inaccurate, so spray and pray is the order of the day.

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What are Hipfire kills?

A hipfire kill is when you blast someone to death without looking down the sights of your gun. You simply pull the trigger with the gun at your hip, hence the name. Some weapons are much better suited to this method of execution.

Not aiming down the sights of your gun and firing from the hip has some benefits and some problems, too. The biggest issue is the lack of accuracy and bullet spread. Expect your shots to go awry when using hipfire in XDefiant, and probably not hit your target with most.

Hipfire Kills In Xdefiant
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However, hip fire also has some benefits. Firing from the hip means you can go from sprinting to shooting much faster. It is a great option if you’re in a rush and need to get those first shots off.

How to get hipfire kills in XDefiant

To rack up the XDefiant hipfire kills, I found a few things that certainly helped. Make sure you have your sensitivity set just the way you like with a sensitivity converter.


The first was my choice of weapon. I opted for the M870 due to its larger magazine size than the Double Barrel counterpart. This meant I could get more shots off and cause more damage, compensating for the drop due to bullet spread, range, and accuracy of hip fire. The attachments I chose were:

  • Barrel Extender
  • Choke
  • PEQ-15 Laser
  • Grip Tape
  • Precision Stock
Hipfire Kills Xdefiant
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This loadout focuses entirely on recoil control, minimizing spread, and maximizing damage. It has little to no benefits for sighting, but that’s all you need to get hipfire kills in XDefiant.

Faction and Gear

When using hipfire in XDefiant, you’ll need to get up close and personal. Because of this, expect to take some damage. I chose to run with the Phantoms faction due to their increased health and ability to drop shields. Using these shields, I was able to push much closer to enemies and unload right under their noses to get the kills. The extra boost of health meant I could take an extra couple of shots as I closed the gap too.

XDefiant game mode for Hipfire kills

When choosing the game mode and maps for these hipfire kills in XDefiant, try to go with something that will pack you in tight. I used Occupy game mode and managed to get more than 10 hipfire kills in a single XDefiant match. Due to the nature of the game, everyone is vying for a small, enclosed space. This means you’ll always be up close and personal. If you can tuck yourself in and watch an angle, you’ll be pushing your barrels right up people’s noses whenever you’re on the point. The smaller the map, the better.

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