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The best Sensitivity Converter for XDefiant

Barely translates.

When moving from one game, like Call of Duty, to a new one, like XDefiant, you may want to use a sensitivity converter to figure out how to set up your controller. Here is a list of the best on the web.

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The best XDefiant Sensitivity Converters

Here are a few you can try so that you can match your other FPS to XDefiant.

Best Controller and Aim Assist settings for XDefiant sensitivity converter
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  • Mouse-Sensitivity — This website is the best sensitivity converter for games like Rainbow 6, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and XDefiant. Simply enter your current game and the sensitivity settings you have for it, and it will show you how to set up to match it.
  • Aiming.Pro – If you find that the previous one doesn’t quite match up for you then give this one a try. The site has done an amazing job of converting sensitivity from hundreds of game combinations to match each other, including XDefiant.
  • Gamer Coach – If you want to try something else, I have found that this Sensitivity Converter by Gamer Coach has really sorted me out, and I find it works well for XDefiant too.
  • KovaaK’s — This is actually an aim trainer, but you will also find that it has a pretty good conversion tool. This helpful aim trainer is a great way to get those reaction times crispy before you get into the practice arena in XDefiant.

Convert your own sensitivity

If you want to do the math yourself, there seem to be a few calculations you can do. Looking at the forums, people suggest these conversions.

  • Valoriant – Multiply your Valoriant sensitivity by 51.95 to find your new sens.
  • Modern Warfare – If you play at 14/14, try 50/50 in XDefiant.
  • Fortnite – 7 sensitivity translates to 26 sensitivity.

The sensitivity issue in XDefiant is causing quite a few players problems at the beginning of the game. As time goes on, I expect people will either start to get used to it or Ubisoft will end up patching in new settings. However, for now, these sensitivity converters should keep you clicking heads in XDefiant.

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