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Best ways to heal in Wuthering Waves

Doctor's in.

To get the most out of the combat, you have to know how to heal. Wuthering Waves has tons of options to patch yourself up. Below, I’ll go over the best ways to heal yourself in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: best ways to heal yourself

As mentioned there are numerous ways to heal oneself, but not all will give the best output of health. To make the combat and Wuthering Wave a lot easier to handle, knowing what sources can be beneficial. 

So let’s highlight some of the best options to replenish your health.

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Since Wuthering Waves is an RPG, it has all the expected elements of one. Food and drink give various buffs. Health is one of those buffs. Keep your eyes peeled for items such as Vitality Drink and Salted Milk Tea. Both are good examples of healing you and your Resonators up quickly. 

Using Resonaters

Wuthering Waves borrows a lot of influences from Genshin Impact. The biggest one is that you get to have a party of other Resonators to help you in combat. Some of these members will be good at healing. The stand-out one is Baizhi who you meet early on in the game. We’re looking forward to her being our parties because she’s a great healer. You may opt to try Vernia who is even rarer than Baizhi. If you understand the gacha system of Wuthering Waves, earning her might come sooner than later. 

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This mechanic is pretty interesting. Echoes are fragments left behind from enemies you’ve killed. By collecting them, Resonators can summon different types of Echoes that have different abilities and metas. For a healer Echoe, try out Hoartoise. You transform into this turtle-like creature and your health slowly regenerates. Being able to do this when you’re in the red, being able to do this might allow you to play more aggressively.

Wuthering Waves is being mighty gracious with the free characters being given out. 

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