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Apart from using some of the best weapons in Starfield, healing plays an important role. After all, what good is your weapon if you’re dead? There are a multitude of different ways to heal yourself in the space epic, both free and paid. However, not all will give you the same amount of health. Through trial and error, I think I found the best ways to heal in Starfield. Knowing this can be important and handy during combat. It could also make the even toughest quests a lot more manageable. In other words, when preparing for battle, you should check this guide out beforehand. 

Starfield: Best ways to heal yourself

As stated, there are several methods to heal yourself, but not all are created equally. Below I’ll run you through the ways that I’ve found give out the most health.

  • Med Pack: Probably the most common way, and the method that gives out the most health. When you use a Med Pack you’ll heal yourself for 4 percent for around 10 seconds. In totality, you’ll get 40 percent of your health back. I’ve found this helps quite a bit in combat when your bar is in the red. As long as you stay out of sight and wait, you should be able to recover faster. To find Med Packs you can loot them from dead bodies, or use this guide on finding Med Packs to make things easier. 
  • Trauma Packs: Much like Med Packs, but the main difference is that they give out more health for less time. Sitting at 7 percent health is restored for 5 seconds, which may make you want to use them less. However, if you have both Med Packs and Trauma Packs equipped, cycle between them. One whole cycle could fill your health back up. Just like Med Packs, you can find Trauma Packs on dead bodies or Green and White Emergency First Aid Stations.
  • The Doctor: The easiest way to not only heal you but also remove all your negative statuses. To find the Doctor, make your way to the Ranger Headquarters in Akila and make sure you have a thousand credits saved up. 

My last piece of advice is to get the Medicine skill as soon as you can. Once maxed out, the skill can boost the effectiveness of Trauma, Med Packs, and other health sources for 50 percent more and 50 percent faster

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