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Best weapons to use against zombies in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), ranked

You're only as strong as the weapon you use.

As a zombie slayer, you need a good, reliable gun. However, not all guns will help you. In my testing, I found that some are a real headache. I’ll go over some of the best weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) to use against the zombies in a ranked list.

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Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ): Best weapons to use against the zombies – Ranked

Each weapon has been tried and tested. From fighting zombies and other NPCs, these weapons did make an impact. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you

Best weapons to slay zombies


I found myself defending way better with the Riveter. The one thing to note is to make sure to get in somewhat closer to the zombies. The Riveter has great range but its accuracy is less impressive, especially the the further you are from your target. If you’re landing your shots, you’ll notice it’s quick and does a ton of damage. You’ll easily carve through a horde when you’re fighting at medium or close range.

Mwz Riveter
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Assault Rifles are usually a good primary or even secondary. The MTZ-556 has got surprisingly good accuracy at most ranges. Even though it doesn’t have a large magazine, all if not most of your shots have a higher chance of landing. Since it has good a fire rate, I would suggest finding Ammo mods like Namplam Burst in the world to create a devastating combo.

Mwz Mtz 556
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SVA 545

This was the first weapon I used. I thought I wouldn’t need to upgrade it since it’s so well-balanced. The M4 does perform better, but for what’s available, this is a great alternative. Its strength is its versatility, but stay frosty when enemies are close; that’s when its recoil and control suffer the most. It’s probably not the best run-and-gun option. But I did notice while the control gets a ding, the damage and fire rate seem to compensate. It does perform better than MTZ-558, so if you find this weapon, consider picking it up until you find something better.

Mwz Sva 545
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PDSW 528

Submachine in Zombies isn’t an interesting pair. But depending on which one you use, it could make all the difference. The PDSW 528 feels like it shouldn’t be on the list or even this high, but after fighting off an army of the undead with it, I’ve found it to be reliable for a few reasons. Of course, being an SMG, accuracy takes a hit at long ranges, but at close range – oof, it can chew away at the horde. On top of that, it has a big magazine for an SMG. You’ll be reloading less and on the offensive more often. I did find it easier to defend myself against the horde while preparing for an exfil. That can be that it’s an SMG that has quick firing and quick reloading, which makes life easier.

Mwz Pdsw 528
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With the right scope, you can make this burst rifle assault rifle a threat. It’s got deadly accuracy. Its fire rate is fast — like really fast. But because of the fast fire rate, you burn through ammo in no time. If you can increase the magazine size, this should solve the issue overall. Also, this is a great weapon to take out the tougher enemies. Again, going back to the accuracy, you can easily get those headshots in, which makes taking out those bigger guys less of an issue.

Mwz Dg 58
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