David Cage has explained that his focus for the development of the Playstation 3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls, is “creating an emotional journey” and continued to add: “I’m not interested in giving [players] ‘fun'”, and explained that he will not stray from his goal to “create something different”.

Cage said:

“My goal is to surprise people, to give them something they want without knowing they want it, I want to create an emotional journey, a unique experience.

I am not interested in giving them ‘fun’, I want to give them meaning; I don’t want to challenge their thumbs, I want to challenge their minds.”

Quantic Dream are well known for having an emotional story as the driving force in their games, and Beyond it set to follow in those footsteps. In fact the game will be tied rather heavily to emotion, as the Quantic Dream CEO said that the game is his response to the death of a close relative. Cage says that he hopes gamers will develop an deep relationship with the games protagonist by following her for over 15 years of her life.

Cage says that their new engine will play a key role in delivering the level of emotional display required for the game, and that the tech itself actually sevres the emotion.

He then adds that while he understands his methods may not cater to every gamer, he will change his focus for the game:

“Maybe this is irrelevant or just overly ambitious, Maybe this is not what most people out there actually want. But this is the goal I set myself with Beyond: to create something different.”


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