Bigpoint bringing Battlestar Galactica Online to Russia

Bigpoint, the online game provider behind Battlestar Galactica Online has announced a partnership with, a Russian gaming portal.
In effect, this means selected games from both companies will appear on one anothers gaming sites, so Russian-speakers will now have access to BSGO, Farmerama and DarkOrbit through Likewise, Bigpoint users will now be able to sample titles like Legend Legacy of the Dragons, Juggernaut, Empire Craft or GodsWar Online.
I can’t say I’ve personally played any of those, but then again I’m not living in Russia.
Bigpoint games will also be popping up on Russian social networking hubs like ‘Odnoklassniki’ and ‘My World’.
“As successful browser-game providers, and Mail.Ru are a match made in heaven,” said Bigpoint’s Nils Holger Henning, who was handily stood next to the person writing the press release at the time.
Image taken from Battlestar Galactica Online.