Mass Effect 3 producer, Mike Gamble, has claimed that the finale in the trilogy will “resolve” all of the narrative elements that lead into the game.
When we bluntly posed the question ‘Does Mass Effect 3 really sum up all of the narrative threads that you’ve created throughout the two games so far?’, Gamble replied:
“I can pretty conclusively say that the characters you’ve had experiences with in the previous game, and the plot arcs that have been started, are all resolved in Mass Effect 3.”
So, there you go. All the narrative arcs are “resolved”. I should bloody well hope so, too! I’ve invested enough time into those damn things.
Perhaps the more important question, though, is whether Mass Effect 3 provides a worthy resolution to your personal journey through the world, with its inhabitants and on its quests. That’s something we ponder in our hands-on preview with the first 90 minutes with Mass Effect 3.

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