Discussing staging a cop drama and/or spy adventure within the Mass Effect “framework.
Probably best known for the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series’, the team at BioWare seem to be thinking about navigating new water and looking at producing a title away from the realms of fantasy and sci-fi they’ve become known for.
“You can imagine the cop drama set in the Mass Effect sort of framework,” said BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk. “You can imagine a spy adventure in that context. I think actually that what’s happened is our ability to conceive and understand different game contexts has evolved. Then that starts opening up new platforms into things that are maybe less traditional than we have historically [done].”
Before you get too excited, Zeschuk was quick to confirm that nothing is official at this point. “We’re not confirming anything today,” he said, “but it’s something we discuss a lot, because one of the things we want to do is really try and broaden our appeal, broaden our reach, sell more units, get more fans.”
If you’re interested in BioWare’s more “traditional” output, you might want to read today’s Hands-On Preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Source: Gamasutra

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