A new character class will be coming to Black Desert Online on 24 May; the all-punching, all-kicking Striker. That release coincides with the date the game is being added to Steam.

The Striker will be the fourteenth playable class in the game, and promises a combat style which “combines both classic martial arts as well as popular street-fight techniques.” He’s also wearing massive metallic gauntlets, so that should help when punching people. When fighting, he can do chain kicks, upper cuts, grapples, and more.

The aforementioned Gauntlet is his primary weapon, with a Vambrace there for secondary back up. He’s fast, agile, and apparently “perfect for players who are looking for a challenging, fresh way” to play Black Desert Online. If you’re a current player who has maxed out their character slots, Kakao Games say an additional slot will be available for ‘One Loyalty’ in the Loyalty Shop.

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