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Half Life fans can enjoy theĀ Black Mesa Crossfire update which has just been released on Steam.

This free update for Black Mesa re-imagines the original Crossfire map with new visuals and stays true to the original with its nuclear bunker. That’s not all though because there’s a lot that’s been tweaked in Crossfire including the addition of “God Rays”, the multplayer animations have been overhauled, a Steam Controller config has been added, there’s new weapon models for the RPG, crossbow and shotgun, and even more in the single player.

Here’s a what’s new in this update for the multiplayer game and full list of all bug fixes and changes can be found on the Black Mesa site. There’s also a list of known issues now up on the Steam page.

New Multiplayer Features

  • Added Crossfire!
  • Added ‘God Rays’
  • Multiplayer animation system has been overhauled and rebuilt. New multiplayer animations.
  • Weapon Bob and Weapon Drag Added
  • Score Persist on Leaving and Rejoining a Multiplayer Match (bm_multiplayer_persistent_scores cvar added to disable this)
  • Steam controller configuration
  • Servers now track stats for players and rank them on that server
  • New Gluon Gun model
  • New Crossbow model
  • New RPG model
  • New Shotgun model
  • Shogun will now gibb characters if damage is high enough
  • Added third person shell ejects from NPCs
  • Added Tau Wallshotting in Multiplayer
  • All workshop submissions have no filesize limit anymore. Make stuff without limits!


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