Reakktor has released details and screens of the modular ship-building mechanic in its upcoming space-based MMO, Black Prophecy. In the first of many such releases, we find out about Tyi and Genide ships, and the components that make them up. The basic ships consists of a cockpit, left and right right wings, left and right engine. Players can also opt to add further components; Up to four normal weapons, a rocket launcher with up to two rockets and a shield generator. Players can invest points into nine skills, allowing them to add better modules to their ship. The ninth skill unlocks new flight manoeuvres and tactics. Ships can play different roles depending on the components they have installed. For instance, get strong weapons and heavy shields and you can play as a tank, stick to lighter weapons and armour, and you get increased mobility, giving you an advantage over slower opponents. The modular system is being used to build the clan stations too, which start off as basic habitats but can be expanded into gigantic space complexes. Check out the new images below, and find out more over at the official site

Paul Younger
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