Blasphemous 2: How to find every Fervent Kiss and get the Broken Key

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You’ve got to hand it to the folks at The Game Kitchen: they really know how to create memorable character designs for their games. This is more true than ever in Blasphemous 2, where you’ll encounter gluttonous, fire-spewing priests, a man slowly dissolving into honey, and, of course, the elegant floating hand from the Streets of Wakes. This hand will increase your maximum Fervour in exchange for Key Items called Fervent Kisses, which you can find throughout the game world. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find every Fervent Kiss, and get the Broken Key to access the secret room beyond the hand, in Blasphemous 2.

How to track down every Fervent Kiss and get the Broken Key in Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2 How To Find Every Fervent Kiss And Get The Broken Key Hand

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In Blasphemous 2, Fervour is the resource used to cast Prayers and make use of certain weapon skills, represented by the blue bar at the top of your screen. You begin the game with 150 maximum Fervour, but you can increase that value up to 300 by trading in Fervent Kisses with the floating hand in the Streets of Wakes area. There are five Kisses in all, each of which increases your maximum Fervour by 30 when redeemed. Here’s a full list of their locations:

Fervent Kiss 1

Location: Palace of the Embroideries

Requirements: None

The first Fervent Kiss can be found in the pictured room in the Palace of the Embroideries, right before you move into Choir of Thorns. You’ll find a red item on the floor. Pick it up, and you’ll be locked into a brief combat gauntlet. Once you’ve defeated all comers, you’ll receive the Fervent Kiss as your reward.

Fervent Kiss 2

Location: Elevated Temples

Requirements: Ruego Al Alba

After looping around the Elevated Temples, you’ll find yourself back at the vertical room with the leftmost Prie Dieu in the area. Hit the switch to lower a shortcut ladder down, then head to the left and drop down, immediately using a Ruego Al Alba slam as you do so. This will break the writhing platform below, giving you access to the small platform where the next Fervent Kiss can be found.

Fervent Kiss 3

Location: Repose of the Silent One

Requirements: Passage of Ash Ability

The next Fervent Kiss is back at the start of the game, in the Repose of the Silent One area. However, you’ll need to have acquired the Passage of Ash Ability from Beneath Her Sacred Grounds in order to reach it. Make your way to the pictured room, using double-jumps to reach the high platforms necessary, and you’ll find the Fervent Kiss right in front of a locked shortcut gate. You could also pick this one up later, when you finish The Severed Tower and open the gate from the other side, but you can get it this way much earlier.

Fervent Kiss 4

Location: Streets of Wakes

Requirements: Passage of Ash and Mercy of the Wind Abilities

From the left entrance to the pictured room in Streets of Wakes, double-jump up to the platform with the interactable statue, and interact with it to move the mirror from the right side of the room over to the left. Use the mirror next to you to teleport over to the right, then use an air dash/double-jump combo to reach and attack the mirror that just moved over. Finally, use another air dash/double-jump combo to reach the far-left platform, where the fourth Fervent Kiss awaits.

Fervent Kiss 5

Location: Two Moons

Requirements: Access to Two Moons

This isn’t just the hardest Fervent Kiss in the game to find: it’s one of the hardest-to-find items in Blasphemous 2 full stop. In the pictured room in Two Moons, you’ll find an interactable statue at the bottom that lets you control the position of a platform on the right. Move this up until it’s next to the writhing barrier blocking access to the obvious secret room in the middle. You can’t reach the platform from here, even with Passage of Ash, so you’ll need to make your way around a large section of Two Moons to get back into this room from the top.

Begin by heading left and using the fountain to flip into the other side of the area. From here go right, drop down, then exit this room to the left. Proceed left through the corridor full of enemies, then in the next room climb the ladder and exit right. Using Scions’ Protection, head up and exit left, then use the fountain here to flip to the other side again.

Next, head right, then go up and exit to the left in the next room. Use Scions’ Protection to reach the upper-right exit in this room, then proceed right, using air dashes to pass through the enemies and roving laser bars unscathed. Finally, in the next room, pass through the laser bar and double jump over the large gap, then perform a Ruego Al Alba slam attack to land back on the platform you moved in the first place. This will break the barrier on your left, leaving you free to grab the Fervent Kiss that lies beyond it. Phew!

The Broken Key

Blasphemous 2 How To Find Every Fervent Kiss And Get The Broken Key Locked

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As mentioned above, you can trade in all five of the Fervent Kisses at the hand in Streets of Wakes, and each will increase your maximum Fervour by 30. During your visits to his room, you may have noticed a locked door behind the hand, and you may have been expecting it to unlock once you redeemed all five. This isn’t exactly the case, but doing so does unlock the option to purchase the key for the door: the Broken Key.

Once you’ve redeemed all five Fervent Kisses, you can purchase the Broken Key from the Forlorn Patio shop for 6000 Tears of Atonement. Grab it, and return to the hand’s room to access a spooky secret area: a single room featuring many giant hands, all lying around in various positions. You’ll find a Mark of Martyrdom on the ground here, but more importantly this room counts toward 100% map completion. In my case, this was the very last room I filled in after uncovering every other secret room in the game.

And there you have it: a full guide on how to find every Fervent Kiss, and get the Broken Key, in Blasphemous 2. It’s a surprisingly involved sidequest with a surprising twist at the end, and one of the best that the game has to offer in terms of rewards to boot.

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