Blast testing: Ghost Recon Online 0.11.0 adds firing range

Blast testing: Ghost Recon Online 0.11.0 adds firing range

Ghost Recon Online - attica

Ubisoft’s free-to-play Ghost Recon Online title has updated to version 0.11.0, adding a new map, some new equipment and a way to try out your prospective firearm purchases before you actually make them.

That new map is Attica! Attica! … sorry, went a bit Dog Day Afternoon there for a second. It’s Attica Heights, a high security building in Singapore, which has two floors and is intended for the ‘Holdout’ mode of play.

Said ‘high security’ comes from a group of chaps called Omega Private Military; and players can unlock (or buy) headgear, new weapons and camouflage used by this team.

Finally, Ubisoft has added a virtual firing range so you can try out any guns before you opt to unlock/purchase them.

Wait, are we missing dubstep in this post? Here’s the dubstep.

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