Blizzard Artist Hints at New Game Announcement

It’s going to be a busy Blizzard week, and as speculation mounts as to whether they will announce a new game this weekend at the WWI, fans have been searching for more hints.This evening Blizzard Artist Peter Lee updated his personal site with a new galleries, one which was entitled Project Hydra, the name used for Blizzard’s unannounced title that has been in the works for some time. He also updated his front page to say his new site would be live on June 28th, the day of the WWI event in paris.When tyhe news brok on Diabloii.Net an hour ago, Peter was quick to change his site to ‘coming July’. It seems the cat may be out the bag and we will get something to cheer about from the Blizzard camp this weekend. Read the full story on in the news.