Blizzard has hinted that it may be reconsidering allowing flying mounts in older content in its smash hit MMO, World of Warcraft.

Blizzard community manager Nethaera got players talking by bringing up the subject of taking to the skies in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Apparently, it’s just a technical problem rather than a decision by Blizzard that is stopping this being possible:

“The old world was not designed to support flying (this is a technical issue currently, not an unwillingness to allow this on our part) and by having the level requirement for flying, it allows us to set a pace at which we feel content should be accessed. As you can see by the recent mount changes, this could be readdressed at a future point in time.

…We’re Blizzard, of course this is brought up in conversation and more. We’re always taking a look at different aspects of the game and trying to find a way to improve upon the experiences that players get to have within it. We have a lot of ideas and things we’d love to do. It always comes down to prioritizing those things, looking at the larger picture, cherry picking the best ideas and finding ways to make them happen. We are by no means short on ideas for the future nor are we blind to what topics come up from the community in regard to, “wouldn’t it be cool if.” It’s what drives us on.”Find out more and join in the discussion over on

Paul Younger
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