Blood: Fresh Supply Pitchforks Its Way Onto Steam

Blood Fresh Supply Skull

Gargoyles, cultists, and zombies hound you at every turn in Blood: Fresh Supply. Luckily, they all seem to be rather vulnerable to a good jab with a pitchfork. Blood: Fresh Supply brings the 1997 shooter classic back to Windows PC since its debut on MS-DOS — where it took, roughly, 12 floppy disks to install. Now, all you have to do is just download it from Steam and you can do that today.

While similar to other games of its time, Blood had a special flair. The game packs more than 40 levels full of demons, spiders, and other nasty beasties. Your goal: take down Tchernobog, a Slavic deity whose name loosely translates to “black god.” Blood was creepy and macabre, but with a dark sense of humor. It was foreboding walking through the halls of cobbled stone as a black sky stretched over the horizon. It’s a good thing you’re armed to the teeth.

It was probably Blood‘s weaponry that allowed it to stand among giants like Duke Nukem 3D. You start off with a blood-soaked pitchfork, but later upgrade to a pistol, a bundle of dynamite, and an aerosol can with a lighter to use as a flamethrower. There were also supernatural weapons, like a voodoo doll that damages enemies when stabbed, and an orb that bores into an enemy’s head.

Blood Fresh Supply Cultist

Welcome to the Future

Publisher Nightdive Studios, which previously resurrected Turok, brings the gory, pixelated shooter back to life. The updated version includes graphical options allowing high-def resolutions (even 4K), antialiasing higher framerate, online co-op and mod support. Speaking of co-op, there are also multiplayer modes like Bloodbath (death match) and capture the flag. Plus, the game supports local split-screen for you couch gamers out there. Additionally, the game includes both of the original expansions, Plasma Pack and Cryptic Passage.

Blood: Fresh Supply is available today on Steam for $9.99. Happy hunting.

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