Bloodhunt Act 2 Update

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt sank its fangs into fans back in September, with a high of nearly 10,000 players online at once. As of now, it’s sitting at around 1,000 players active at any time, which isn’t a great sign for a free battle royale game. Regardless, the game was meant to leave Early Access and enter full release soon, but it’s been pushed back a touch. If you’re one of the people who’s been enjoying being a vampire while hunting and being hunted by a bunch of other vampires, then this is undoubtedly a bit disappointing, especially with the Early Access cutoff coming so soon.

The game is now set to enter full release in “early 2022” as the devs at Sharkmob AB work to get things ready. Bloodhunt‘s public Early Access period is also ending next week. While the game was meant to immediately transition into full release, the feedback received from players has led the developer to instead decide on implementing changes to improve the game’s quality. On Monday at 4 AM ET, the servers will be shut down and the founder’s season will end. There will still be invite-only private sessions to test out the new changes leading up to release, but you better brace yourself.


Bloodhunt has been delayed until early 2022

If you played Bloodhunt during this early period (even if you just install the game and play one round an hour before the servers are shut off) you’ll be able to get invited to the private tests. Therefore, it’s not like those are going to be super exclusive or hard to partake in.

However, as of today at 2 PM ET, players are no longer able to purchase tokens. If you have some left over, they can still be spent up until the servers are shut down, but they’ll also carry over on your account to the full release, so there’s no reason whatsoever to panic. Everyone who purchased tokens will see their investment doubled when season one launches next year as well. Also, there’s a big XP boost starting today.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt System Requirements

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