Borderlands Fastest Selling New IP Of 2009

Gearbox has revealed that Borderlands is the “fastest selling original property video game launch of 2009.”Going by the October NPD results, action-RPG Borderlands “enjoyed the best selling launch week in 2009 among all new video games IP.”Which is a pretty big claim, although we can’t think of that much in the way of “new video games IP.” The majority of AAA-titles this year have been sequels, or associated with an older IP.Still, Borderlands has done surprisingly well even against established brands. The NPD figures reveal that its total sales, across all platforms, were higher than the two “single platform chart toppers” – Uncharted 2 and Wii Fit Plus.The press release also mentions that Borderlands took the number one spot for Xbox 360 sales in October, despite this being the first “full month of sales” for Halo 3: ODST. It’s worth mentioning that ODST came out on 22 September, though.Basically, Borderlands has done well. This is a good thing, because it’s a rather good game, so it’s no surprise that Gearbox is considering a sequel.

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