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It appears that we may now know what the Japanese box art for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will look like. Just yesterday, a user on Reddit uploaded a handful of pictures showcasing a Tears of the Kingdom retail box they managed to find. According to the post, they came across the box while visiting the official Nintendo store in Tokyo. Alongside a copy of the standard edition, the photos also showed the user holding a retail box for the collector’s edition.

The front of Tears of the Kingdom‘s standard edition box features the same key art that Nintendo unveiled during the latter half of 2022. It depicts Link standing on a stone platform suspended high above the clouds while looking left into the distance. In the background, the art shows several other suspended stone platforms as well as a vast view of Hyrule down below. Much like Breath of the Wild’s box art, which had Link standing on a mountain while staring at a beautiful horizon, Tears of the Kingdom‘s art does an effective job of encapsulating the game’s core conceit and appeal.

Tears of the Kingdom box art may end up with changes

Note that the Reddit user posted pictures of the game’s preorder case, so not every element of the box art shown will carry over into the final retail release. Specifically, the preorder case’s box art contains the game’s May 12 release date at the bottom. Barring some kind of unprecedented error, it is safe to say that players won’t be seeing that once they get their hands on a physical copy.

Both the North American and Japanese versions of Breath of the Wild shared mostly the same box art, and it appears that the same will remain true for Tears of the Kingdom. Having said that, European copies of Breath of the Wild did feature different box art from those other two regions. So we will see what happens with this new release.

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