Break My Body 2

Break My Body has a simple idea. Dr. Mario caused the current opioid epidemic with his rampant overuse of prescription medicine. Now it’s time for a real doctor to step in. You! Well, you and Professor Brick. I’m not sure why he isn’t named Dr. Brick, but if people are letting Mario perform medicine on them, why not a professor? In Break My Body players will have to only “breakout” the bad cells while leaving the healthy ones in place. Sound easy? Well, it kind of looks easy too.

Developer Stephane Valverde knows that you don’t need pills to solve a simple fever or a case of the chills. Here you’ll be using advanced medical techniques to cure cancer in every part of an unidentified man’s body. That’s not even a joke. They literally call the patient “John Doe” and call him “hopeless.” That’s a tall order that only a person without a medical degree would be willing to accept.

A Breakout from the standard Arkanoid game

You’ll have your fair share of Arkanoid-style power-ups in Break My Body that let you get more air control over your blob of medicine, or reverse the direction your blob is falling from. There is also multiblob and the ability to fire more medicine directly from your paddle. You know. The standards. There are also negative drops to avoid.

The unique take here is that there are certain healthy blocks that you want to avoid breaking. To do this you’ll need to collect antibiotics that drop from sick cells to refill your syringe. Each healthy cell provides a slightly different effect upon your medicine blob. Some offer a standard bumper effect, while others act as elevators or produce lasers when hit. Personally, if your cells are producing lasers when hit, I think you have problems that antibiotics won’t fix, but that’s just me.

Break My Body

Each of Break my Body‘s 100 levels takes place in a different spot in the body. There are 10 total zones to clear, including such classic bodily locales like Muscle, Pelvis, Bones, Ears, and even Thyroid!

Taking a Break

If you haven’t caught on by my tone this whole article or the fact that they misspelled their own game name in the top right of that screenshot, I’ll just come out and say it: This ain’t no masterpiece. But not every game needs to be amazing. Sometimes you’re just looking for something to kill a little time.

Like Space Cadet Pinball or classic Breakout. This can fill that void for you or even just offer a brief distraction while we all wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out. (And the distraction will be brief if that screenshot of a 100% complete game with a sub-14-minute playtime is to be believed). Break My Body does not have a price just yet, but if it is cheap enough, it may be worth a casual look. If you need a game to kill a little time with, it comes out on Steam on July 24.

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