Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart - 06


Bundle Stars’ latest bundle is a compilation of basically every major Batman: Arkham game, plus DLC.

It’s a bit pricier than most bundles, priced at €9.79 (£7.72 or $12.12, according to currency conversion) but I don’t think you’d have much difficulty arguing it’s worth the price. That $9.79 gets you Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition, last year’s Batman: Arkham Origins, the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass, the Black Mask Challenge Pack, and the Online Supply Drop 1 & 2 DLC. Which is pretty much every Batman: Arkham game on PC that I’m aware of, barring the Arkham Origins spin-off Blackgate.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are a pair of utterly triumphant titles, and Arkham Origins… well, it’s not bad. It’s just not up to the level of its predecessors, and it tends to follow them Arkham City a little too closely rather than doing anything new or interesting.

While we’re on the topic of Bundle Stars selling stuff for cheap – if you fancy a bloody and brutal brawler instead, then Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is €4.00 on the Bundle Store for the next two days.

Tim McDonald
Tim has been playing PC games for longer than he's willing to admit. He's written for a number of publications, but has been with PC Invasion - in all its various incarnations - for over a decade. When not writing about games, Tim can occasionally be found speedrunning terrible ones, making people angry in Dota 2, or playing something obscure and random. He's also weirdly proud of his status as (probably) the Isle of Man's only professional games journalist.

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