Bundle Stars’ latest bundle is all about the big games

Rather than offering a couple of big titles and then a lot of smaller ones to bulk up the numbers, the current Bundle Stars bundle wants to be all killer, no filler.

This does also mean that there’s a higher-than-normal chance that you’ll have pretty much everything in the bundle, but what the hell. Let’s take a look.

First off is the rather excellent Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition, in case you want to be an island dictator. It’s very similar to Tropico 3 (and, indeed, Tropico 5) but it’s still really bloody good. Next up is Magicka, the co-op wizard-’em-up which I’m pretty sure everybody owns by now, alongside STALKER: Clear Sky. I’m a little surprised to see Clear Sky instead of one of the other two STALKER games, but… well, whatever.

Then there’s Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword – a Mount & Blade sequel that brings with it muskets and pistols – and System Shock 2, one of the best first-person horror games ever. If you’re more a point-and-click-y sort then there’s Deponia, as well as the heartbreaking story-driven To the Moon. And, finally, there’s Prime World: Defenders, which I know basically nothing about but appears to be a tower defense/CCG hybrid.

For the first 24 hours, this rather solid Bundle Stars bundle will cost you a mere €2.19, and you could easily argue that half of the games in this bundle are worth that price by themselves. If you’re lacking a fair few of them, then I’d say this bundle is easily worth picking up.

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