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Whoops. It looks like Bungie jumped the gun yesterday, accidentally turning cross-play on for Destiny 2 players. The feature was meant to go live later in the year. However, some players on PC, Xbox, and Stadia found out that they could all team up months before they were allowed. Bungie took notice, and said that it basically wasn’t supposed to happen. And, unfortunately for you friendly cross-play types, it will be removed from Destiny 2 later this week. You better get your kicks in now.

The news should be disappointing for Destiny 2 players for a number of reasons. One, it shows just how easy cross-play can be implemented into the game right now. If a Bungie tech hadn’t accidentally brushed against the “cross-play feature, do not flip” switch, you’d be able to enjoy it for much longer than a few days. Following reports of the feature going live. Bungie community manager, Cozmo, said it was “not representative of the full experience” and will be gone this week. Some players were quick to reply, imploring Bungie to keep cross-play on.


Unfortunately, keeping it on won’t happen. It looks like Bungie is considering the accident to be a free appetizer before kicking everyone out of the door. The cross-play feature for Destiny 2 will not be seen fully until later in the year.

A Light in the lonely darkness

For those who may be unaware, cross-play will be fully featured in Destiny 2 at some point. Back in February, the developer mentioned the feature will go live (for real, honest) in Season 15. Considering Season of the Splicer, Season 14, just launched this week, we have some time to wait. Until then, get your time into cross-play while you still have it, friends.

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