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CA confirm three historical Total War projects, more Warhammer DLC

This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Creative Assembly have posted a new update about what their teams are working on, confirming several historical Total War projects and a new race pack for Warhammer. They’re clearly going to be quite busy over the coming months and years.

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Let’s take these things in order, as they are mentioned in the post itself. Total War: Warhammer fans will know that a piece of free DLC dubbed the ‘Old Friend’ has been teased for a while now. This post says that release will be “tied to an event this summer” and is a small scale release, akin to the Blood Knight addition (but not necessarily a new unit). They’re lowing expectations for this one, basically.

However, the same section confirms that a brand new race pack will be added to the first Warhammer game later in the year. This will be prior to the Total War: Warhammer 2 release date (which, as yet, isn’t actually known; but will presumably be fairly late in 2017). Kislev is ruled out, so it won’t be them.

The only clues are that this lot will have “rather unique gameplay mechanics” and will be accompanied by some more free DLC that will “benefit not only main game owners, but also DLC owners too this time”. That kind of indicates a race/faction that will potentially add units to everybody, so … Dogs of War, possibly?

Outside of Warhammer, Creative Assembly are working on three historical Total War projects. The next big historical Total War is one of these, of course, and was already known to be in production. That one will be based in an era the studio has not previously tackled.


Along with that production, though, they’re working on a “particularly large Campaign Pack DLC” for one of the more recent releases. Given the concept art (above), either Attila or Rome 2 are the candidates there. That expansion is in the schedule for later this year.

Finally, Creative Assembly is also working on a new, stand-alone historical title. This will be set in a familiar period, one which “we are very fond of and haven’t done enough justice to yet”. Expect it to be based around a so-called ‘historical flashpoint’, or an “intense period where events could have unfolded in any direction”. The example given is Fall of the Samurai being based around the Boshin War. This title will be out before the next major historical release, but (since they don’t mention it) probably not this year.

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