Old-time city-builder Caesar 3 has hit Good Old Games, with Interstate ’76 to follow on Thursday.GoG’s Month of Activision update this week treats us to some Roman city-building and some funky car action with Caesar 3 and Interstate ’76.Caesar 3 casts players as a provincial governor tasked by the Roman emperor to create prosperous cities by keeping the emperor happy, the barbarians well away from the gates, and the city powerful and wealthy, with the choice of focusing on military or city-building left up to the player. It was originally launched back in 1999 and has since become a bit of a fan-favourite.Interstate ’76, on the other hand, casts you as the improbably-named Groove Champion, an “auto-vigilante” out to avenge the murder of his sister by driving around in a car. A car with guns on it. If memory serves, it was a deeply silly and wholly enjoyable driving game, and Thursday’s GoG release will contain both the original title and the expansion, the Nitro Pack.Caesar 3 is on GoG now for $5.99 USD, with Interstate ’76 coming on Thursday for the same price. We’re promised more games from the Month of Activison and we’re hoping Police Quest will feature soon, because otherwise Andy might go a bit crazy.Thanks to MobyGames for the screenshot.

Paul Younger
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