Call of Duty Ghosts - 07

This is a screenshot without the FOV fix applied, obviously.

A much-needed Field of View (FOV) changer tool for Call of Duty: Ghosts, created by a fellow going by the handle “AgentRev” seems to have cemented itself as the mod of choice for getting a decent FOV on the PC version of the game. The latest release of this tool now allows an FOV of up to 100 in both single and multiplayer modes.

Like FPS unlocking tools, FOV changers are a somewhat grey area. Plenty of people on the Steam community for Call of Duty: Ghosts will warn you that using one can risk a VAC ban, though Infinity Ward themselves have said they have no problem with people using the FOV mod. As far as I’m aware there haven’t been any reports of being being banned for using it, but it does come with all the associated risks of an unofficial add-on.

Happily, Activision seem to have toned down the lawsuit threats too, perhaps realising that there’s not much chance of shutting down such a popular and helpful modification. Ghosts still has plenty of problems on PC, but a pathetic fixed FOV of 65 should no longer be one of them. If you missed the link at the beginning, you can download it over here.

Update: A new patch released today on Steam has also removed the artificial 6GB RAM limitation, so those with 4GB should now be able to run the game. This pretty much confirms that 6GB was never necessary to run the title to begin with.

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