The countdown to Gas Powered Games’ game reveal hasn’t actually quite finished at the time of writing, but the news was just too eager to burst free. Chris Taylor and the team have launched a Kickstarter to fund a forthcoming RTS-aRPG hybrid called Wildman.

    You’ll take the role of an early human, who’ll both build up his tribal army for a good old fashioned RTS scrap (in special areas called ‘Warzones’) and go on action-RPG style quests to level his way up to glory. Most exciting of all, there’s some concept art of a cave-man chap riding a sabre toothed tiger. Not at all historically accurate, but excellent nonetheless.

    It looks like the team need $1.1 million USD to get Wildman up and running. As usual there are a myriad of reward tiers to satisfy your need to pledge varying sums of cash, from $20 USD for a digital copy of the game, to $10,000 USD for an invite to the game’s launch party (assuming the Kickstarter succeeds).

    Gas Powered Games are the developers behind titles like Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander.

    Peter Parrish

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