Can you play Party Animals on Steam Deck? Answered

Can You Play Party Animals On Steam Deck
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Party Animals is coming out soon, and the hype is building! Party Animals is the next in the line of party ragdoll physics fighting games after Gang Beasts. It is an Xbox/Switch/PC game and will also be released through Steam. This begs an obvious question in our modern age of PC gaming. Its predecessor in style, Gang Beasts, can be played on the Steam Deck. So, can you play Party Animals on Steam Deck?

Party Animals on the Steam Deck: Verified or not?

The answer, fortunately, is yes! In a dev log last year, the developers answered this very question in a Q&A with “Look!” and a gif of the game being played on a Steam Deck — with that making for effective video evidence. That’s about as much proof it will be on Steam Deck as could be possible. You may not be able to play Party Animals on Switch yet, but if you happen to own a Steam Deck in addition to a Switch, you still have a means of playing on the go and fighting friends from anywhere.

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If they had it running on the Steam Deck over a year ago, most likely they’ve been actively testing it out on the system and ensuring it would be up and functional for release. So if you want to try it out on a portable console day one and see how it plays, you won’t need to do anything too complicated or fancy to get it to work. The developers had you covered!

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