Can you save Karlach from dying? BG3 Karlach endings guide

Should Karlach Evolve And Use The Netherstones In Baldurs Gate 3
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In Baldur’s Gate 3, your companion Karlach has a few different ending possibilities. But the real question is if you can save Karlach from dying, so let’s answer this question in this Karlach endings guide.

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With the fires of Avernus burning in Karlach’s heart, her infernal engine will eventually burn her for good if she doesn’t return to Avernus. But she escaped a war she didn’t want to fight, so why should she have to go back? Here are all the ending options.

Baldur’s Gate 3: All possible endings for Karlach

In short, yes, you can save Karlach from dying by fixing her infernal engine. You can do this by finding Infernal Iron scattered across your adventures and giving them to Dammon to help fix Karlach. But that’s not her only ending. There are a few more ways Karlach’s story can end in Baldur’s Gate 3. Let’s go over how you can save Karlach from dying, and all her separate endings in this guide.

Can you save Karlach from dying? Karlach endings guide
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Karlach goes back to Avernus

Although you’ve fixed her infernal engine, she must still return to Avernus, as it’s just a temporary fix. There are a couple of different variations to this ending, depending on the decisions you’ve made throughout your playthrough.

  • Karlach goes to Avernus with you: If you romanced Karlach.
  • Karlach goes to Avernus with Wyll: If Wyll became the Blade of Avernus.
  • Karlach goes to Avernus with you and Wyll: If you romanced Karlach and Wyll became the Blade of Avernus.

Saving Karlach at this point depends on whether you’ve romanced her, or if Wyll made the deal to forever serve Mizora and save his father. Because if you didn’t do either of those things, you may end up with a much sadder ending.

Karlach burns up and dies

If you decided not to romance Karlach, and Wyll never restruck a deal with Mizora, Karlach’s ending here will simply be her burning up in front of you and dying. This is also if you decide to temporarily fix her infernal engine since she’ll have enough time to say her goodbyes.

Karlach burns and dies while no one notices

This is probably the saddest of all the endings. If you never romanced her, Wyll never became the Blade of Avernus, and you didn’t help her on her quest to save her infernal engine, she’ll die without anyone noticing. This is because, after the final battle, she didn’t have enough time to say her goodbyes since you didn’t progress her quest.

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Can you save Karlach from dying? Karlach endings guide Illithid Mind Flayer
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Karlach turns into a Mind Flayer

This is an interesting ending and the one I decided to go for. Before the final battle, someone must step up to become an Illithid and consume Orpheus’ powers. She gives herself up for the task, and if you allow it, Karlach will evolve and permanently turn into an Illithid.

While this may seem like a bad ending, it’s honestly one of the better ones. Her infernal engine disappears, meaning she can still live her life freely in Faerun. Now, she just looks like a Mind Flayer and even has their abilities. Karlach is also proud to say she saved Baldur’s Gate.

Betray Karlach as The Dark Urge

There are two other dark endings for Karlach, both involving you as The Dark Urge. They both depend on whether Karlach becomes a Mind Flayer or not and if you decide not to romance her.

  • Betray Illithid Karlach: As Karlach’s about to destroy the Absolute, you can kill Karlach instead.
  • Karlach is enthralled: You can enthrall Karlach as the new Absolute if you betray the Emperor if he tries to destroy the Netherbrain.

You’ll never save Karlach if you don’t find a way to get her on your side first, Luckily, we’ve got a giode just for that.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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