Can you trust Novik in The Invincible? Answered

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Playing The Invincible can be a little mind-bending at first. Fortunately, we have a guide on the interstellar journey across the mysterious planet of Regis III in the form of Novik, our Astrogator and fearless leader. We also have a guide in this guide that you’re reading now, where I’ll let you know if you can actually trust Novik, or if you should ignore him.

Should you trust what Novik says?

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During an interview, one of the game’s writers, Olga Piech, recently said that Yasna (our plucky protagonist) sees Novik as a “robotic servant of regulations,” while the man “doesn’t completely trust Yasna’s wisdom.” What we can glean from this information is that Novik, through his many years of service as an explorer and researcher, believes that Yasna doesn’t quite have what it takes yet to make the best decisions for herself and their team.

We are also told that “Yasna and Novik represent two different worldviews. Novik appears to be a conqueror type who wants to subjugate the universe. Yasna is focused on exploration and discovery.” All of this information serves to tell us that Novik is a responsible, experienced, and dedicated leader, but that he may have some shortcomings when it comes to trusting his subordinates, along with getting over his own biases and self-imposed mental restrictions.

Our verdict

Now that we have compiled most of the evidence available to us, it’s time to make a final decision. Therefore, after weighing all of the angles presented to us through the interview with Piech and Novik’s stated determined disposition, we recommend that you heed his advice and orders, but keep a careful eye on what he is asking you to do. While he would never explicitly attempt to harm you or any of the other members of the team – we hope! – he may be partial to making sacrifices or poor judgment calls for what he perceives as the greater good or crucial for the mission to succeed. So when you’re dealing with Novik, just be sure to keep in mind that he may not always take into account your personal safety if it means the mission has a higher chance of success.

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