Capcom’s business plan for the upcoming financial year includes a greater focus on online gaming, and digital content delivery.Mention is made specifically of Mega Man Online – a game that may or may not be related to the suspicious trademarking of Mega Man Universe a little while back – which is apparently to be jointly developed with Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea.This is just one aspect of Capcom’s targeted increase in online gaming, though. Apparently, the company wants to sell additional downloadable content – with Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2 specifically mentioned – with the aim of generating a steady stream of earnings and, uh, deepening ties with users.We’re likely to see more on PC, too. Based around the success of Monster Hunter Frontier Online in Japan, Capcom is aiming to “strengthen PC online game development activities,” with simultaneous PC and 360 releases mentioned. That said, the PC expansion is mostly going to be targeted towards Asian regions.In terms of online business on the whole, though, Capcom reckons there’s serious room for growth. Mention is made of selling games both as packaged products and through downloads, although it’s unclear whether this means simultaneous launches of triple-A games both in stores and on things like Games on Demand, or whether downloadable games is a reference to titles like Mega Man 10 and Dark Void Zero.And yes, iPod and iPad fans, you’ll be getting more too, with the success of titles like Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter IV on the portable devices presumably the reason behind it.

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