Russia, China, Korea and Brazil cited as catalysts to increasing PC output.
Capcom VP Christian Svensson has stated his belief that the PC is a platform that holds value for the company. 
“When I entered Capcom nearly six years ago,” said Svensson, “I viewed PC as extremely important for the company, not just to grow a new audience for our brands, but because of what the PC market teaches a company.”
Along with himself, Svensson singles out Capcom’s European COO David Reeves and head of Capcom Germany Michael Auer as vocal supporters of the PC. Jun Takeuchi, producer on Resident Evil 5, was highlighted as the most important figure within the Japanese branch of the company to lend his backing to the PC.

In Capcom’s case, Svensson believes that the PC is key to helping the company understand emerging markets – the likes of Russia, China, Korea and Brazil – that they’re trying to break up into.
However, Svensson is keen to point out that Capcom have already displayed a sense of adventure and forward-thinking within the PC market:
“Looking back a ways, we were the first non-Valve game to do a Steam integration. What is now known as Steamworks, was initiated as a project where Valve worked with Capcom to pull bits of their Half-Life libraries apart so that we could integrate them into Lost Planet 1 (which incidentally was also the first commercial DirectX10 game on the market). It was a very visionary step at that time, especially for a Japanese developer where the PC market historically has been rather muted.2
So, what does the future hold?
“PC gaming’s profile is growing at Capcom,” says Svensson. “Both the US and our European teams continue to request PC SKUs for new titles.  We’ve got more titles coming with PC versions than ever before (e.g. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, etc.). At green light meetings, our Japanese COO and the head of the consumer and online software business increasingly request a PC version if one is not being proposed at the outset of a project.”
Image from Resident Evil: Operation Raccon City.
Source: Capcom-Unity

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