Despite rumors for the past year or so having indicated that a Monster Hunter game would be coming to the PS Vita at some point in the future it appears any fans waiting for the game could have a pretty long wait on there hands.

Recently Capcom’s Associate Online/Community Specialist Yuri L. Araujo revealed that there’s currently no plans to bring the franchise to Sony’s handheld currently.


It was previously expected that the next entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter 4 which is currently being developed for the 3DS, would actually make it’s way to the PS Vita at some point, however the rumors indicated that it may only release in Japan. This whole rumor appears completely moot now and it seems it could be a very long time before the franchise which started out on Sony’s hardware makes its way back to their systems.

Unfortunately us PS Vita owners looking to get our Monster Hunter fix will need to take a look at the PSP’s game library still.

[Source: Ask Capcom] [Via: IGN]

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