Carbine Studios’ Art Director Matt Mocarski has teased a little information about the art style of the developers upcoming MMO project.
    The new game is all set to be unveiled during GamesCom next week, but in the interim period Carbine is releasing tiny detail-portions to the general public.
    According to Mocarski’s latest blog post, the art style is ‘hand crafted’. “We paint all of our textures from scratch” he writes, “We try not to use any photo reference in our assets. We make sure everything has a strong silhouette with really strong personality”.
    Citing The Secret of Nimh and Princess Mononoke as visual influences, along with comics like Hellboy which balance fantasy and sci-fi elements, Mocarski writes that “players will see both fantasy and sci-fi elements in our world and our gameplay”.
    We’ll learn more about the unnamed title at GamesCom. For now, enjoy a teasing still from the game’s unaired debut trailer. This particular shot leans more towards the sci-fi side of things.

    Source: carbinestudios.com

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