June 22nd, 2017

Catwoman slinks into Infinite Crisis

Catwoman slinks into Infinite Crisis

infinite crisis catwoman

Catwoman is slinking into Warner Bros DC-themed MOBA, Infinite Crisis, and this newly released trailer tells you everything you could possibly want to know about her before she’s released.

She’s a damage-focused type, with a bit of an emphasis on positioning. Her passive, Cat Burglar, reduces the cooldown of her active skills and makes her attacks spawn coins. Whip Strike – considered a basic attack – hurts people, and does more damage to those at the very edge of its range. Cat’s Paw deals damage and reduces the enemy’s move speed by going for their legs. Acrobat lets Catwoman leap a short distance, helping her to chase down fleeing foes or escape those chasing her, and also grants damage bonus to Whip Strike and a knockdown to Cat’s Paw.

Her ultimate, though, is Bad Kitty, which adds a bleed effect to her basic attacks and skills, and upgrades Acrobat to Savage Acrobat… which costs nothing, has a lower cooldown, and does extra damage to anyone in her path when she uses it.

So yeah, it seems like you’ll want to try to keep enemies at the perfect range, with Catwoman’s slows and mobility helping to do so. I shall have to try her out.

You can check out the trailer below. Catwoman will apparently be added to Infinite Crisis on 30 September.

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