Another piece of news has emerged from CD Projekt Red’s conference, this time regarding the new futuristic RPG in development at the studio. It was revealed as Cyberpunk, based on the 1988 pen and paper system written by Mike Pondsmith (who also showed up at the event to add his support to the project).
There wasn’t a huge amount of information released, but we do know a few more things than we did yesterday. The magic words ‘Philip K Dick’ and ‘Blade Runner’ were uttered, which already gives you an idea of the atmosphere the game will try to evoke, and CD Projekt indicated that the title would have a non-linear story.
The game will be powered by an advanced version of the Red Engine used for The Witcher 2, and, unlike that title, players will be able to customise their characters in terms of appearance, implants and a massive arsenal of weapons.
More details will no doubt follow in the coming weeks.

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