Intel 12th Gen Desktop alder Lake CPU prices
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CES 2021: Intel announces Rocket Lake-S 11900K and Alder Lake CPU

Will Intel's new lineup be enough to take back the crown from AMD?
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With CES 2021 underway, major companies like Intel were expected to make a splash. On day one of the event, Intel did just that by announcing four new processors coming to its lineup.

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The four new CPUs range from entry level for education all the way to premium gaming units for the high-end enthusiast. For the mobile market, Intel is hoping to take back its market share from competitor AMD with the new 11th gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors.

These new CPUs will allow high-powered gaming performance on systems as thin as 16mm. According to Intel, the new Core i7-11375H Special Edition 4-core processor will feature up to 5GHz Turbo speed with Thunderbolt 4² and PCIe Gen 4 support. There will also be two other 4-core/8-thread H-series CPUs launching alongside the i7-11375H Special Edition. The first being the Core i7-11370H with clock speeds up to 4.8GHz and the other being the Core i5-11300H with speeds up to 4.4GHz.

Intel Core i7 11375H SE Intel Core i7 11370H Intel Core i5 11300H
Cores | Threads 4 | 8 4 | 8 4 | 8
cTDP Up Base clock 3.3GHz 3.3GHz 3.1GHz
cTDP Down Base clock 3GHz 3GHz 2.6GHz
Max 1-Core Turbo 5GHz 4.8GHz 4.4GHz
Max 2-Core Turbo 4.8GHz 4.8GHz 4.4GHz
Max 4-Core Turbo 4.3GHz 4/3GHz 4GHz
LPDDR4x 4267MT/s 4267MT/s 4267MT/s
DDR4 3200MT/s 3200MT/s 3200MT/s
L3 Cache 12MB 12MB 8MB
cTDP Up 35W 35W 35W
cTDP Down 28W 28W 28W

Intel brings even more power

On top of that Intel also introduced the 8-core/16-thread 11th gen Core processor that will start shipping later in Q1 2021. Bringing desktop power to mobile gamers, this high-end H series chip will feature PCIe 4.0 with up to 20 lanes of availability. It will also feature Thunderbolt 4 as well as Wi-Fi 6/6e.

But, as the old saying goes, “wait, there’s more!” Intel ended its CES 2021 keynote by teasing its Rocket Lake-S CPUs along with the upcoming next-gen Alder Lake desktop CPUs.


(credit: Intel)

With Rocket Lake-S, Intel is claiming a 19% gen-over-gen instructions per cycle (IPC) improvement with the Core i9-11900K. That improvement on the 14nm process node includes boost speeds up to a dual-core 5.3 GHz, DDR4-3200 RAM support, and 20 lanes of PCIe 4.0. It will also be compatible with both 400 and 500 chipset motherboards. The flagship Core i9-11900K was the only CPU showcased during the event, but consumers should expect entries in the i5 and i7 processor set as well.

One thing users will notice is the drop back to 8/16 from the 10th-gen Core i9-10900K that featured 10/20. Intel said that the drop in core count was due to the move from 10nm to 14nm for the new lineup. That said, Intel is adamant that the new lineup will still be more powerful than 10th gen despite the smaller core and thread count.

The 12th-gen Alder Lake CPU wasn’t detailed too much, but it was announced that it will be built on a new version of the 10nm SuperFin node. This new CPU, Intel says, will be the “foundation” for both mobile and desktop processors moving forward.

Full pricing and availability for the new processors will be unveiled at a later time, but the 11th gen Rocket Lake-S processors are slated for Q1 2021 while the Alder Lake CPUs are slated to launch at some point in the second half of 2021.

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