Champions Online: Blood Moon Launches, Free Retcon

The Champions Online in-game event, Blood Moon, kicked off today, opening up new quests, items and an all-new powerset – Celestial.Players logging on today will discover dark skies and a sinister red moon looming overhead. Zombies and werewolves prowl the streets, brought on by the necromancer, Takofanes, and heroes are tasked with putting down this menace once and for all. The highly anticipated new Celestial powerset will be un-lockable from today as well, adding a much-needed healer/backup class choice to the game.Also, in response to the server issues the game experienced this weekend, Cryptic has granted all players a free power retcon.If all this has got you eager to get in on the superhero action, you’re in luck. Cryptic is offering a free weekend trial session starting from 10:00am PST on 30 October until the same time on 2 November, where you can take part in the Blood Moon event. Read more about the this seasonal event in our earlier article.Want to know more about the game? Look out for our review on Thursday, or check out our hands-on preview from the beta.

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