Champions Online Ice Power Sets Revealed

Cryptic Studios has revealed all the Ice powers that are currently available to players in the upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

A list of all abilities open to players who chose the Ice power set is presented, giving a description of each spell, requirements and effects. Spell such as Ice Burst, Ice Shards and Wall of Ice are included:

Wall of Ice

Requires 1 non-energy building Ice power or any 2 non-energy building powers

Ice Object Creation, Melee Area Effect Cold Damage, Immobilize

Wall of Ice calls chunks of ice from the ground in front of you to freeze anything that touches them and then explode violently, sending shards of ice in all directions.

    * Creates a wall of ice in front of you
    * Length of the wall of ice is determined by the maintained time
    * Any target touching the wall of ice will be held by an Ice Cage.
Shortly after the maintain stops the wall will explode, dealing cold damage to nearby targets.

Check out the page on the Champions site for more info, and see our preview to find out more about the game.

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