Champions Online: More Celestial Powers Revealed

Cryptic Studios has unveiled more of the skills from the Celestial powerset for its superhero MMO, Champions Online.The newly-revealed skills show further evidence that Celestial powers serve more of a healer / support role, making grouping up more of an attractive option. This comes at a good time, as many players are beginning to find that most of the game can be completed solo, doing away with the need to group up and missing out on a vital part of an MMO; playing with others.See an example of a Celestial skill below:Radiance
Energy BuilderEnergy Generation, Ranged Dimensional Damage, Heal AllyRadiance fires bolts of dimensional energy at your target, healing your friends and destroying your foes.Click    * If targeting foe: Single target dimensional damage
    * If targeting ally: Heals target
    * Generates energy
    * If targeting ally: Only generates energy if damage is healedAdvantages    * Convergence – Radiance gains a 20% chance to chain to a secondary target. The chain will have the opposite effect: An attack will chain a heal to a nearby friend; a heal will chain an attack to a nearby enemy.

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