Champions Online PvP Details Released


Bill Roper revealed more about the upcoming MMO, Champions Online, when speaking to a group of assembled press in San Francisco last week.

He explained the whys, wheres and hows of PvP in this superhero game, giving plenty of examples along the way. Firstly, players will see three main elements of PvP besides duelling; There is Bash, set in the rough side of Millennium City where anything goes;

“It’s total free for all. Every hero goes in there for themselves. It’s set in a place that also has NPCs so you can be hitting those NPCs trying to get boosts and different item drops to help you out. But it’s not just the other heroes there that are dangerous.”

Next up is the Millennium City Ultimate Tournament of Champions, which is something players can do solo or in a pre-made team of 5. It’s sanctioned, televised and sponsored. Lastly, there’s the “Apocalypse” map, which is a team vs team scenario in which one team plays the villains trying to escape a prison, the other team has to stop them. The goal is to kill the two leaders of the opposing team.

These PvP maps can be joined from anywhere in the game, and a notification will pop up to let players know when they can start their fight. There is also a reward system specifically for PvP, and players can gain experience by taking part in PvP too.

Read more about Bill Roper’s presentation on the CO news site, and find out more about the game in our hands on preview.

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