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Chivalry 2 is the most recent in a long line of games delayed this year. Developer Torn Banner Studios released a statement today, stating that the game won’t make its announced 2020 launch window. Citing COVID-19 working conditions, the developer has decided to postpone the game until 2021. Chivalry 2 is scheduled to launch next year on the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 simultaneously.

The letter reads, “We believe this updated timeline is necessary to allow Chivalry 2 to be the greatest game it can be, and one that realizes our vision of a “true sequel” to the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.” In our hands-on preview of the game, we found Chivalry 2 a worthwhile sequel, even in its unfinished form. Part of the reason Torn Banner is delaying the game is content. When Chivalry 2 finally launches, it should have even more content than what was planned for this year.

“This means more maps and game features will be playable at launch than we had originally scoped.” Unfortunately, horses aren’t coming at launch. Torn Banner says they “need a bit more time in the training stables.”

What the Chivalry 2 delay means for alpha and beta testing

Along with the delayed release date, Torn Banner announced that the previously-planned public beta is postponed, too. Originally slated to go live this summer, Torn Banner said it will announce a specific date “soon.” This mirrors the general 2021 launch window for Chivalry 2. Banner Torn hasn’t announced a specific release window outside of next year.

If you want to start playing now, Torn Banner is still accepting applications for Chivalry 2‘s closed alpha. The alpha is only available in North America and Europe, and participants will need to agree to an NDA. If you want to learn a bit more about Chivalry 2, make sure to read our interview with Torn Banner.

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