Cities: Skylines shatters Paradox sales records

Paradox have revealed that Cities: Skylines has broken their records for number of copies sold within 24 hours of launch.

Apparently, the city-builder managed to shift 250,000 copies within 24 hours of launch (including pre-orders), which is apparently the best any Paradox game has ever managed. Not exactly Call of Duty numbers, but for a totally new IP entering into a relatively niche genre, released only on PC and Mac, it’s pretty bloody impressive.

It’s perhaps not too surprising, considering how many people seem to have been looking forward to it and considering the response it’s had (Paul awarded Cities: Skylines one of our incredibly rare 10/10 scores), but it’s certainly good to know that the sales are reflecting the apparent quality of the game. Well done, Colossal Order, and well done Paradox.

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