Civilization V Receives A Mega-Patch

The latest patch for Civilization V has been released via Steam, and it’s a bit of a beast.
I think I may have read novels shorter than the summarised patch notes listed for this latest update, which apparently affects more changes to a single game than have been seen throughout the whole of human history. Ok, that’s overstating it a touch, but this patch has altered many, many things.
Check the link above for the already-edited rundown (if you have a spare hour or so,) but as an even further-edited summary: Version appears to tweak, add and fix things to do with the engine, the user interface, the AI (diplomatic and strategic,) buildings, game rules, politics, units and so very much more.
Basically it claims to mend and improve the title quite a bit.
Just in time for the Polynesia DLC release, scheduled for tomorrow.

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