Civilization V

This summer, Civilization V will be getting a new expansion pack dubbed ‘Brave New World.’ It’s nothing to do with Alphas, Betas and Aldous Huxley, but quite a lot to do with changing the way diplomacy and culture work in the game. There’ll also be new wonders to build, new leaders and scenarios that include the American civil war and the colonisation of Africa.

A ‘Culture Victory’ (not to be confused with the existing ‘Cultural Victory’) will be opened up as a path to triumph, and it involves sending your arty-farty artists and fanciest musicians throughout the land to create masterpieces and prove just how hip your civilisation is.

Elsewhere, a World Congress will let you create and vote on resolutions, which means you can do things like impose sanctions on nations you don’t like and choose hosts for the “World Games” (which is definitely not a copyright-dodging version of the Olympics, ok, so just don’t even think that.)

International trade routes are in too, allowing the transport of goods to cities within your empire or to foreign locations (unless the World Congress has slapped trade sanctions on them, of course.)

All of that will be in the $30.00 USD expansion, plus eight wonders, nine new leaders and new Industrial Age ideologies.

Source: PC Gamer

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