June 20th, 2017

Civilization VI launch times, pre-load live on Steam

Civilization VI launch times, pre-load live on Steam

As the release date of 21 October approaches, Firaxis has put out a launch trailer for Civilization VI. In it, narrator Sean Bean goes on an inspiring journey through time and, commendably, manages not to get himself killed.

2K have also released the launch times for the game, which will take place across three global ‘zones’. There’s a graphic to refer to below, which indicates the following (for more precise info on each Zone and the local time in various cities, follow the links).

Zone One (Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia) – 3am Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 21 October.

Zone Two (Europe, Africa, Russia) – 12am British Standard Time, 21 October.

Zone Three (North and South America, Canada) – 12am Eastern US Time, 21 October.

The pre-load for Civilization VI is now live on Steam for those who have pre-ordered the game. Now, watch below if you want to see Sean Bean doing things like lighting the torch on the Colossus of Rhodes, and helping the Wright Brothers (maybe the Bean Brothers in this version of history) reach the skies.




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      Why brown guy leading all those white civilizations?

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        So you can have a reason to complain to your online supremicist gaming groups…