Civilization VI: Rise and Fall provides details on Korea

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall provides details on Korea

Civilization VI expansion Rise and Fall is on the way next year (Feb 2018), and will add Korea as a new, playable civ. Firaxis have outlined a few details about how Korea will play in this news post, and released a trailer covering similar ground (below).

Queen Seondeok will lead Korea. She was ruler of Silla (later Korea) from 632 to 647 AD, investing heavily in the arts, education, and dedicating herself to policies that would aid the impoverished. At least, that’s what it says in this Firaxis overview. This is all new to me. It also says she further integrated Buddhism into society (it was already the state religion).

Korea get a unique Seowon building, replacing the regular Campus. This has to be built on a hill, and gets a fixed yield of science. For every district you build next to it, however, this yield is reduced. The civ’s ‘Three Kingdoms’ ability means mines and farms built next to the Seowon will produce bonus science and food, respectively.

In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, Korea’s unique unit is the Hwacha; a mobile ballista that can launch hundreds of arrows at people. It’s a powerful unit, but cannot move and attack in the same turn.

Queen Seondeok herself provides bonuses to science and culture in all cities with a governor. Here’s the trailer.

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  • Out today on PC – 8 February 2018

    • jay_diggity

      clearly an attempt to get the foot through the door on the competitive Korean pro game market.

      the Korean queen.. doesn’t look Korean at all and Koreans, who are fiercely nationalistic, wont like that. Also, Koreans like male archetypes. So this pitch just alienated 9 out of 10 Korean male gamers. The “little emperors” dominate and women take a back seat in Korean society. Think I’m joking?

      I think the “idea” person at firaxis should live in korea for a few years. This is going to bomb in a big way.