Spalsh Damage have been working on an update for Brink that brings “full clan support, ladders and tournaments to all versions of the game.” The release date is when-it’s-done-it’s-done, but we’re promised that it’s “very close”.
It access the features you’ll need to have an account set up on the official Brink website.
Here’s a run-down of what to expect:
Create a Clan

Name and register a Clan and it’ll get its own online profile page.
The profile page will display its members, statistics, upcoming matches and current clan ranking.
Clan leaders can review applications for clan memberships and manage the privileges assigned to each member.

Global Clan Ladder

Challenge other clans and organise matches in advance.
Clans arranged by current ranking to make it easier to find opponents close to your skill level.
Once a match has been arranged, the game will automatically create a match at the right time and invite all participating players.
All ranked matches will be 5 vs. 5 and use the entire pool of maps.

Event Ladders

As well the overall ranking ladder, you’ll be able to create standalone tournaments known as Event Ladders.
Event Ladders will often feature costumised rule sets i.e. specific maps and/or smaller team sizes.
Registration for an Event Ladder will take place on the website.
Like the Global Clan Ladder, all participating Event Ladder players will automatically receive an invite at the correct time.
Clans that win an Event Ladder will receive a trophy that they can show off on their profile page.

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