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Reality Twist have today released their simulation adventure title Coast Guard on Steam.

Here you take on the role of Finn Asdair an officer in the coastal guard who, together with his crew, face a variety of challenging rescues and crime fighting missions on the vessel Daniel Dafoe.  I was curious why  it would be named after the US actor (getting his name wrong entirely), it is more likely after the author of Robinson Crusoe (which I definitely do not learn by looking it up on Wikidpedia). As well as the challenge of navigating the boat through the high seas there is a complex criminal case that quickly evolves into a far-reaching conspiracy.  Topically but coincidentally this leads them into clashes with human traffickers and attempting to rescue refugees trying to make their way to better lives.  In fact part of the money made from this will go to the charity organisation Gaming Aid 4 Refugees.

It’s at a 10% discount right now, going for £13.49 or €18.99.

The video below may whet your appetite.

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